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The view at the top of the Citrus Tower reaches 35 miles to the horizon and covers an expanse of 2,000 square miles of land and lakes. This leads us to the question, “What exactly can you see from the top?”

Once the elevator doors open at the top, sunlight reflecting off Lake Minneola fills the observation deck as you’re greeted by one of Clermont’s beautiful lakes. In this direction, you’ll also see Lake Minnehaha. Another, much smaller landmark to notice, is known as the “Thacker House.” This tiny blue house across the street from the Tower was built by the Thacker Family, the original developers of the Tower. The house was constructed in such a way so that at the time, the lake could be seen from any window. Today, the views are obscured by the taller oak trees in comparison to the previous (and shorter) citrus trees.

Turning to your right, looking North, you can catch a glimpse of the tallest natural elevation in all of Florida, Sugarloaf Mountain. Sugarloaf Mountain is 312 feet above sea level, which makes it the highest elevated point in Florida. This area is a part of what’s known as the Lake Wales Ridge, best described as a spine running up the middle of the state. The high elevation of Clermont is what made building a tower all those years ago so appealing. Just beyond Florida’s little mountain, is Lake Apopka.

Lake Apopka is the second largest lake in Florida and takes up a large portion of the view looking East. Also facing this direction, is the Orlando Skyline, Orlando Eye, Walt Disney World, and our personal favorite; the Vehicle Assembly Building in Cape Canaveral! Towards the South, you’ll see more parts of Disney, such as the Swan and Dolphin Hotel, the Contemporary Hotel, and the famous Epcot ball.

Feel free to use the binoculars provided to explore views from the little blue house all the way to the Cape, 60 miles away. You’re guaranteed to spot something new with each visit. One final note, don’t forget to bring coins with you on your Ride to the Top! On the East wall is a coin drop where you can hear the loose change fall 226 ft. down. The drop ends with a satisfying “ding!” as the coins hit a bell at the bottom.

Whether it’s your first time riding to the top, or you’re visiting again after 30+ years, we hope you’ll enjoy the peaceful views and local history while exploring the Citrus Tower.

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